I hope the rest of you have a better experience updating your Apple Watch to watchOS 2.0.  Mine was stuck on verifying 2x.  I tried restarting phone and watch, but it then said I was up to date on OS 1.01!  Kept locking the watch also.

In the end, I had restarted the phone 3 times and did a soft reset. Restarted my Watch twice. Worst OS update install – waste of 3+ hours.

It finally gave me a third try and looked like it was installing. When it finished, my phone said “watchOS 1.01- your watch is up to date.” After I was done banging my head against the wall, I looked at the watch again, and it definitely had a different appearance. I restarted the Apple Watch app on my phone, and it finally said “watchOS 2.0 – your watch is up to date”.


  • Be sure to have enough time to complete this, so you don’t have to interrupt the process.
  • Before the install, set the Autolock on your phone to NEVER (Settings>General>Autolock).
  • Put the watch (on the charger) immediately next to the phone.

Good luck!

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